Start My Business

Are you starting a new business or company? Our specialised ‘Start My Business’ advisory services ensure that you have the right discussions and are provided the right information to set key foundations before you start.

‘Start My Business’ focusses on the key areas:

  • Pre-Business initial consultation for initial business concept
  • Advisory in market research & viability assessment
  • Business structures for effective management
  • Business planning - including for finance
  • Budget planning
  • Cash flow planning
  • Employing staff
  • Systems setup for bookkeeping and business management

Our ‘Start My Business’ service ensures that you have the best chance of success and assists you with risk management during your business’s development.

Our ‘Start My Business’ service can also assist those people planning to purchase an existing business by undertaking due diligence, which includes analysing potential business viability, financial analysis & interpretation over a number of years, goodwill, anomalies, employee review, as well as an overall helicopter view of the business.

Once arrangements have been made to finalise the start up or purchase of an existing business, we can assist you with ensuring your performance and compliance is managed effectively.