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2FA is here and can't be ignored anymore..... For a while now your accounting software has been asking you if you want to upgrade your security to 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication). Many of us have just let it pass by, but if you have, you may have no choice but to implement it going forward as your software will force it upon you. So the benefits of 2FA??? Well, it adds an extra layer of protection to your financial data using an APP for your mobile device in addition to your usual one step password. Seem a little excessive? Well, yes, maybe, but we can't be too careful about our financial security. Some info from our two major accounting software providers about 2FA below.http://help.myob.com/…/display/sec/Two-factor+authenticationandhttps://tv.xero.com/…/51309…/two-step-authentication-in-xero

Business Precision is proud to partner again with Heartwalk! We provide key in-kind financial management support for the project through Xero and also provide financial sponsorship. Heartwalk is a grass-roots public art project designed to transform the Kalgoorlie CBD into a vibrant arts and cultural precinct. 2017 was an enormous success! This years festival will run between 30th April and 05th May 2018. Check it out at www.heartwalkcbd.com. Our office building was even lucky enough to get an amazing mural last year :) see below! This project provides key support to the emerging arts industry in our region and gets people out and about in our CBD exploring our fantastic retail shops!

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